Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Cute Guitar Guy & The Self Absorbed Hottie

A few months ago, I found myself freshly moved to Cedar Rapids and looking for a new church, so I enlisted the help of Google and created a list of 5 churches in my area that had a contemporary service (I love Jesus as much as the next gal, but I'm going to need a drum set during worship songs to keep me awake) to start trying out.  My intention was to try each church at least once before narrowing it down to 3 to attend again, and start to choose from there.  After all, this is my faith we're talking about, and choosing a place of worship is a big deal that should have some serious thought put into it!

My first stop was a Methodist church about 10 miles from my apartment.  A far cry from the modern, state-of-the-art Vegas church that I was still trying to find here in the land of corn & cows, but charming nonetheless.  It was a small congregation filled with mostly parishioners in the 40+ age group, so I didn't immediately notice anyone to sit by and make friends with. As I found a seat in a middle pew and politely smiled at the new faces around me, the praise band made their way to the stage, and there he was --- the cute guy in front with the guitar and no ring.  Bonus points reinstated.

He never said his name, but for all 4 songs he never took his eyes off of me.  This is going to be record time for me, I thought.  1 week in the city and 1 visit to this church and I've already got an admirer.  A cute one.  Who plays guitar.  Without an introduction to know his name, I shall refer to him as Cute Guitar Guy.  I watched him throughout the whole service, and watched the crowd, too, carefully scanning the faces of the 20 - 35 year old ladies to see if anyone was making eyes at him.  While I noticed a few admirers of his, he never sat by any of them or even looked their direction.  Nope, he only had eyes for me that day, and I was basking in the fact that he couldn't look away from my cuteness even for a moment.

I left quickly after service was over that day, so as to not look too available.  Leave him hanging, I thought.  This was now my church; no need to shop around.  I'd be coming back the next week to be adored by him some more.  Jesus is fine with me picking a church because there is a Cute Guitar Guy, right??

Fast forward a couple of days, I thought that I would step out of my comfort zone and call the Young Adults director at church to get involved and meet some new people.  I spoke to a very nice man named Ryan with a slow Southern drawl, and decided that if Cute Guitar Guy didn't work out, this Ryan character would be next on my list.  --- Sidebar - yes, I know, I apparently only like men named Ryan or Matt.  I had recently dumped Matt #3 (Note to self: when dumping someone, make sure that they don't operate a train that runs right next to your house, where they can lay on the horn for extended periods of time at ungodly hours.) and this would be Ryan #2.---  After a 30 minute chat about a wide variety of topics, I told Ryan that I had to get back to work, but would wait to hear back from him about the next Young Adults gathering.  He told me to be sure to find him after service that week, and I said I would and hung up, before realizing that I had no idea what he looked like.  Oh well, I can always use that as an in to talk to Cute Guitar Guy --- just ask him who Ryan is.  Damn, I'm good at this boy hunting!

That Sunday, dressed in an even cuter outfit than the one before, I saw Cute Guitar Guy yet again leading the praise band and yet again making googly eyes at me.  Then the woman next to him started speaking, and in the cutest Southern drawl you've ever heard, introduced herself as Ryan's 'momma' and thanked the church family for being so good to him after he moved here 2 years ago from their hometown.  Hmmm.  So that's Ryan.  Good news: Ryan with the Southern drawl is Cute Guitar Guy.  Bad news:  This cuts my list of suitors in this church in half.

After a brief introduction after service, Ryan/Cute Guitar Guy promised that he would be calling me later in the week to talk about Young Adults.  We said our goodbyes and as I got in line to greet Pastor, Cute Guitar Guy's mom and dad stepped in line right behind me.  After a nice 5 minute chat, I decided that I loved his mom and needed to put her in my pocket to keep forever.  Or at least that she needed to be my mother-in-law.

A few days later, my phone rang with a local number that I didn't recognize, but answered anyway.  It was Cute Guitar Guy!  Certain that he was calling about Young Adults, I asked him when the get together would be, and he answered with, 'actually, I was calling to ask you to dinner this weekend.'  Mmm hmm.  I knew he had been checking me out!  I happily accepted, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Well, except a few minor details.  I will summarize them briefly below:

Date #1: Dinner at a cute pizzeria, great conversation, and a goodbye hug.  That's cool.  I can respect a man who doesn't kiss me right away, though I definitely would have let him.

Date #2: Baseball game and a hug.  Had a great time, and like how sweet he is.  I'm sure he will kiss me next time.

Date #3: Movie at my house, dinner out, and a long drive around town.  And a hug.  Not even a hand hold on the couch during the movie, but that's probably because he didn't want to be too forward.  Tomorrow, after the family BBQ I'm taking him to, it's makeout central for sure!

Date #4: Family BBQ at my sister's house; he survived 16 Higdons/married to Higdons, 3 games of bean bag with me, and played guitar around the fire with my nephew.  Oh yeah.  Tonight's the night.  For a hug...

Date #5: Iowa vs. Iowa State Football game watch at a local bar.  Hung out for 6 hours, talked, laughed, and hugged when he dropped me off.  I'm thinking I might be in the friend zone at this point.

Date #6:  BBQ at Pastor's house for church staff and their families.  I'm pretty sure I passed everyone's judgement, except for maybe the 4 year old blonde girl who asked me why I kept sitting by Ryan and when I was leaving.  Yes, yes, this was the night for sure.  When he dropped me off, I got an extended hug with 10 seconds of our cheeks touching.  Sigh.  I'm from Vegas --- people get MARRIED in 6 dates or less.  I'm hot.  WHY isn't he kissing me?!!

Mid-week between dates #6 and #7: Me to Cute Guitar Guy: 'I can't hang out tonight.  I'm sick.'  Cute Guitar Guy: 'What's wrong?'  Me: 'I think I have Cute-Guitar-Guy-won't-kiss-me-itis!'  --- What?  God helps those who help themselves!

Date #7 (SEVEN.  As in 6 more than 1): Movie, drive around the neighborhood while a rabid raccoon was blocking my door, and hands down the most amazing first kiss I've ever had (and there have been, ahem, a few...)!!  Halle-freaking-lujah, the boy made a move!!

Date #8: Football at home...with his no kissing.  He makes me wait SEVEN dates and then on 8 we're entertaining a guest?!  He's lucky he's Cute Guitar Guy.  Plain old 'Guitar Guy' would not be getting so much slack.

Dates #9 - 13: Fun, common dates, with lots and lots and lots of kissing.

Date #14: Somehow end up discussing how we got started.  I led with 'I knew you liked me when you kept checking me out during service.' Cute Guitar Guy: 'You mean the week after we talked on the phone?'  Me: 'No, the first week.  You were checking me out the whole time, so I decided to come back the next week.' Cute Guitar Guy: 'Yeah, some of the church staff told me that there was a cute girl in service that week, but I totally missed you.  I didn't see you at all that week.  But I did notice you the second time.'  I'm pretty sure this was the moment he realized that it would be in his best interest to stop talking and kiss me some more...

We're now somewhere around Date #25 and he has thankfully been making up for that epically long era of smoochlessness. All of that kissing severely cuts into my picture taking obsession, so I will leave you with this one from Date #19: Our first trip out of town. See why I call him 'Cute Guitar Guy'?

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Carly said...

I'm a fan. Huge. This coming from the girl who runs away if the man kisses too early. :) Sounds like a catch. And I've decided that I think you need kids after all....just sayin'. :)