Sunday, August 21, 2011

How To Be A Stalker 101

I'm nosy.  I unabashedly admit it.  I am not a fan of drama in my own life, but I LOVE knowing all of the dirty details of someone else's soap opera-esque daily strife.  Maybe not the greatest quality to have, sure, but if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you're in my boat-o-nosiness, so no finger pointing!

This being one of my qualities, I can hardly shame anyone else for wanting to know all of the juicy details of my existence.  I have left this blog as public for that reason - I've shared the link with my family and friends, and they are free to pass it along at their discretion.  I have readers from all over the world who I will never know, and I think there is something very cool about that.  If my silly little adventures can entertain someone halfway around the world, that's a good day in my book. 

Being the nosy little lady that I am, from time to time I like to check in on who is checking in on me. Blogger has a handy stats tab on the backend of the site that tells me how many readers I have, what country they are from, what post(s) they read, and from which referring site they used to find me.  Here are some highlights (forgive the horrible photo quality - my battery in my fancy phone with a flash camera died and the nearest T-Mobile store in this land of corn is a 2 hour drive, so I have ordered a replacement, but in the mean time I am stuck with my old 'in case of emergency' phone with a pretty crappy camera):

Top 10 Countries Visited From This Month:

Top 5 Posts Read This Month:

Top Search Keywords Directing People To My Blog This Month:

Oh, that's VERY interesting.  Someone has searched some combination of my name and a long ago ex a total of 27 times in the last 20 days that has landed them at my blog.  There's another 5 in there that have been for 'Heidi Higdon Facebook' that I can only assume to be from the same person.  I'm feeling generous today, so I'm going to give you some tips about how to do this stalking more efficiently.  1.) BOOKMARK my blog so you don't have to search for it every time.  It's 2.) If trying to find me on Facebook, why don't you try searching for me ON FACEBOOK rather than google? 

At first, these stats really freaked me out and I was thisclose to making my blog private so that people that I don't want to know how or where to find me can't have access to my life, but then I realized that 1.) I have nothing to hide, 2.) I probably am the most interesting thing to ever wander into that person's life, so can I blame them for wanting to live vicariously through me? and 3.) If you can't figure out how to anonymously stalk me or how to find me on the largest social networking site in the world, I probably have nothing to worry about in the way of super smart schemes to track me down. 

So with that, happy reading everyone.  And remember sweetie, stalking me won't make you attractive.

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